Generation Magnets mission & team

We empower and connect generations


It is our mission to offer professionals and teams a platform that helps them in their professional development, to promote inclusiveness in the workplace and to be successful together.

For many years, organisations have been busy (and still are) with 'binding and retaining' employees. On the other hand, we see the younger generations who have different needs, wishes and values. They are not looking for a long term commitment to one organisation. These differences, and especially the lack of understanding about them, create a mismatch.

Generation Magnets and its tribe are actively engaged in helping professionals, teams and organisations to bridge these differences so that they can work together more effectively and enjoy greater mutual success.

Pascal van den Boorn


Our story

Not only does the team have years of experience in personal and organisational development, Pascal has also been one of the driving forces behind a previously successful community for millennials, called Millennial Lift.

Together with a selected number of coaches, trainers and influencers, Generation Magnets combines this knowledge and experience to connect generations, grow together professionally and be successful.

Generation Magnets is a trade name of Arlinio, founded in 2013. Arlinio focuses on realising more impact and achieving better results by supporting teams, leaders and professionals in their development. The online tribe of Generation Magnets is therefore an obvious addition.

Generation Magnets strengthens and connects generations in the workplace