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As an Influencer, you profile yourself as the expert in your field and showcase your expertise through products, services and knowledge sharing (blogs, videos, whitepapers etc.). This is your own content but you can also connect with top experts and well-known influencers from around the world: share their views, presentations and methodes and seize the opportunity to translate them to the practice of our members. Thus showing them that you not only master this subject but also how you can help them in their everyday practice. And that is what our members want: expertise and support in solving their problems and allaying their fears!


The most important benefits at a glance

Get in touch with your target clients

Our community is visited by professionals, executives, HR managers and employees of all generations. As an Influencer, you have direct access to this target group and they can also approach you directly

Create your own room and courses

You have your own room in which you can communicate with your members/clients. And you can offer them your own (online) courses, for free or for a fee

Have access to exclusive content

Get unlimited access to premium (sometimes paid for by us) content. For example, scientific research, books, presentations, keynotes etc.

Have access to exclusive events

Enjoy exclusive access to special events organised by Generation Magnets. Like webinars, Q&A's or panel discussions, as well as online theme events. You can participate as an Elite Influencer, thus getting exposure and podium to shine

Connect yourself to well-known experts and influencers

As an Elite Influencer, you have the right to be the first to link your vision and solution to an expert story. How effective is it if you link your name to a story by Simon Sinek, Stephen Covey or Brené Brown? And offer the members a very focused, practical application? You have found the shortest way to bring your product or service to the attention of the members

Enjoy online visibility and extra offline profit

Of course you want to share your knowledge and help people. But not all the time and not just for free. By positioning yourself well, our tribes helps you in generating additional sales for yourself. And that revenue is all yours

Choose the membership that suits you

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€ 59,- per month, ex vat

* Listing in the tribe as an expert with your brand

* Your own, publicly accessible room

* First line support when using the software

* Up to 40% discount on products/services of Generation Magnets

* Benefiting from the online marketing exposure of the tribe


By -maker-

€ 89,- per month, ex vat


* Host video panels

* A private room, exclusively for your relations

* Offering 'courses' in your own private room

* Access to rooms with exclusive content


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€ 119,- per month, ex vat


*  Posting content in channels, exclusively linked to Master Influencers

* Invitation to special events

* Sales and payment page for your products/services


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About Generation Master Influencers

You are already a master in your own field of expertise. You invested years and years in practice and training. Grew as a person and a professional with the guidance of mentors, coaches, trainers that you hired, and learned from peers that crossed your path. In business, training or in real life. A real 'hero's journey'. And now you are in the life phase that you want to give back, share your life and work lessons without imposing them on others. You enjoy seeing others grow. That's why you want to grow further as an Influencer. Offline and online. 

Our Generation Master Influencers sought and seek specialisation in a specific field of expertise: empowering and enabling Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X to work together in business with purpose, autonomy and mastery. Maybe you are already a master in this field too. Please let us know. If you are not, please join as an Elite Influencer and we will help you to become a Generation Master Influencer. 

Generation Master Influencers make an important contribution to the quality of the community, the posts and our unique 36Rooms Challenge. Each room in the challenge is managed by a Generation Master who determines whether the room assignment has been properly completed and whether the participant may proceed to the next room.

In short, If you are or want to become a Generation Master Influencer, Send us an e-mail, we are happy to talk to you.